As a values driven organisation, CAG Consultants is committed to minimising any adverse environmental impacts we have through our business operations. We already have a low carbon footprint, due to our long established practice of homeworking by our partners based throughout the country and a transport use policy that prioiritises use of low carbon and public transport. But we know we can do more and we know we need to play our role in ensuring that we avoid the worst effects of our changing climate.

We have therefore become a signatory to the Pledge to Net Zero. In doing so, CAG has committed to setting a science-based carbon reduction target which is in line with the 1.50C scenario (the goal of the Paris Agreement).

In addition to setting the target, we have committed to:

  • Report the company’s footprint against this target year-on-year
  • Play an active role in advancing the industry’s progress towards a net zero carbon economy

We have today published a report which fulfils both of the above requirements. It provides details of our baseline carbon footprint, our footprint for the most recent reporting year, details of our emissions reduction target and describes the process we have gone through in estimating our footprint and setting our target. We hope that such information will be useful in informing the approaches taken by others, particularly those small businesses like us with relatively limited footprints and relatively limited opportunities for reducing emissions.

Feb 02, 2022