Impact Studies and Appraisal

CAG Partners have a long track record in undertaking socio-economic impact assessment across a range of projects.

This work can be used to inform the development of a project and hence improve its effectiveness or mitigate any adverse impacts. Or it might be used to demonstrate the value of an investment, project, attraction or operation to the wider economy.

We have robust techniques to analyse direct, indirect and multiplier impacts as well as qualitative techniques to analyse potential catalytic effects.

Typical projects we have experience of include:

  • Socio-economic chapters of Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Impact of transport infrastructure investment
  • Value of cultural assets
  • Impact of a proposed new investment such as a port facility
  • Impact of a housing or mixed-use development
  • Contribution a business makes to the economy

Please see our case study on Impact Studies and Appraisal:

University for the Creative Arts Economic Impact Assessment