Commercialisation of Innovation

Services across the commercialisation of innovation.

We offer services that help organisations and businesses to define their critical path in the early stages of development and provide practical and strategic support as they grow. We act as Mentors, Consultants and Interim Management as appropriate to the requirements of the individual projects and organisations.

One of our key strengths is the maturity and experience of our Partners, who have strong technical know-how and have considerable ‘hands on’ experience in the commercialisation of technical and social innovation. Our team is experienced in understanding market dynamics and defining development and operational plans to support successful commercialisation, adopting a holistic approach to ensure that all aspects of the organisation and its supply chain are aligned, including strategies, plans, people, processes and systems. In all our activities, we focus on building the capabilities of the client delivery team, in securing management understanding and support, and ensuring that the client team owns the solution.