We are delighted to announce that we have joined UK Stakeholders for Sustainable Development (UKSSD), becoming its 50th partner.

UKSSD is a network of public, private and voluntary organisations working towards sustainable development in the UK. Its mission is to inspire and support all stakeholders to transform the UK into a sustainable society.

CAG has a long track record of supporting efforts to promote sustainable development in the UK. After the very first Earth Summit in Rio back in 1992, we supported local authorities on Local Agenda 21. We have continued ever since to work at with organisations at local, regional and national levels to help create a more sustainable future.

UKSSD holds its annual conference next week, on 1st March. We’ll be proudly attending as the UKSSD’s 50th partner. The focus of the event will be ‘unlocking the UK’s potential’ for transformational action on sustainable development. It promises to be a great event, with high profile speakers and some vital debates. We very much look forward to meeting with many of the other partners and exploring the role CAG can play in helping to unlock the UK’s sustainable development potential. Hope to see you there!

Feb 23, 2017