Working with theĀ Architecture Centre of Devon and Cornwall, Peter Sandover (CAG Associate) provided design and engagement support to the community for their emerging Neighbourhood Plan. Barne Barton is one of the most deprived Neighbourhoods of Plymouth. We supported a local community partnership with funding from Design Council CABE to help the community improve the design of their neighbourhood and develop a Neighbourhood Plan.

How we delivered the project

We provided advice to the community and local agencies on the key stages of Neighbourhood Planning:

  • Organising; we worked with and nurtured an existing and effective local group that will form the basis of a Neighbourhood Forum.
  • Mapping and evidence; we engaged with the city council to provide evidence that will support the plan.
  • Telling their story; through workshops and facilitated events we helped the community articulate the issues and opportunities for Barne Barton.
  • Pulling it together; we brought a number of ideas together into a cohesive plan.
  • Making it happen; we helped produce a strategy for early and long term delivery

Objectives achieved

We sought and secured input from a range of stakeholders including the city, housing providers and MOD. This information was distilled into a design report, action plan and series of policies to be included in the Neighbourhood Plan.

I was really pleased with the work which laid the foundation for our plan. The community engagement across all age groups gave us a true picture of the needs of our community. The work was well executed and gave us plenty to think about over the next two years as our Neighbourhood Plan began to take shape.”

– Pat Patel, Chair, Barne Barton Neighbourhood Forum –

Oct 13, 2017