CAG Consultants led the engagement and communications for the North London and West London Joint Waste Development Plan on behalf of the planning authorities in the North and West London boroughs. CAG were responsible for developing and delivering the two stakeholder and public engagement programmes throughout the plan – making and sustainability appraisal process. We were also responsible for engaging with the local media to promote the process and disseminate information about the two Plans, in conjunction with press officers in the boroughs.

How we delivered the project

We designed and delivered a varied consultation programme across each of the boroughs involved in the two plans. In each case, the programme involved:

  • An interactive and frequently updated consultation web site
  • Press releases, articles, adverts and briefings for journalists
  • Leaflets, posters, and newsletters
  • Public workshops & exhibitions
  • Targeted follow-up meetings with voluntary and community groups
  • Technical workshops for key stakeholders
  • Paper, voice and electronic options for consultee input into the debate

Objectives achieved

Meaningful and effective input from stakeholders and a broad cross – section of the community in to the development of the two Plans, which will help them pass the tests of soundness at examination. The West London Waste Plan has now successfully completed the examination process.

“In the North London Waste Plan I have found CAG Consultants easy to work with because they have a strategic view of what is required, they arrange well – organised events and can call on teams of facilitators who are able to draw out useful responses from stakeholders, however controversial the topic.”

– Archie Onslow Programme Manager. North London Waste Plan –

Oct 01, 2017