CAG Consultants were commissioned by the London Borough of Ealing in association with the Catalyst Housing Group to undertake a Southall Economy study.  The objectives were to carry out a study of key economic strengths, weaknesses and recommendations for future economic support in an area of change.

The report set out the Policy Context to inform the guiding principles for the Southall Economy Strategy. It then presented a socio-economic baseline setting out the state of the Southall economy including a labour market and skills profile of both local residents and those working in Southall. The analysis drew on published data sources as well as a survey of local businesses and included an assessment of local skills shortages.

The study assessed growth trends for Southall and provides a review of the key sectors and activities that appear to have some growth potential for Southall. It forecast demand for jobs in these key sectors and set out the future occupational and skills needs. The report looked at changes in working practices and the changing profile of future skills needs driven by wider adoption of new technologies such as automation.

The report set out a Gap Analysis of factors that Southall needs to address in order to grow a successful economy for the future and produced an Economic Strategy for Southall. Education and training was one of the key themes underpinning this strategy. A set of projects were identified under this theme including schools links to businesses; basic language and literacy skills; local construction and training courses; and active labour market intelligence.

The report concludes by setting out a Draft Strategy and Action Plan to deliver the strategy. 

Jan 29, 2019