This study was in two parts. Part 1 of the Study is an Employment Land Review for the borough as a whole to be produced in a manner consistent with Government Guidance that will inform, and act as part of the evidence base for, the emerging Southwark Plan. Part 2 of the Study is an Employment Land Strategy for the Old Kent Road to inform the emerging Opportunity Area Planning Framework and proposed Area Action Plan.

We carried out a number of specific research tasks as part of this commission.

  • We undertook socio-economic research and analysis of the local economy and labour market to assess the comparative strengths and capacity of the Southwark economy.
  • We produced employment forecasts by sector and land use type to inform the demand for different types of business space. This was to advise LB Southwark how much land of what type and where should be allocated for employment in the Local Plan.
  • We undertook stakeholder consultations and ran engagement events with businesses to prepare these businesses for how they can benefit from or adapt to future changes in the Opportunity Area.
  • We produced planning policy advice and recommendations to inform the Southwark Plan and Area Action Plan for the Old Kent Road
  • We developed a set of scenarios around future employment levels and types of activity to establish a range of realistic options for employment space in the Old Kent Road Opportunity Area

CAG worked with property market analyist Ramidus Consulting and urban designers Maccreanor Lavington Architects to carry out this commission.

Oct 16, 2017