Cornwall has had the funding for the Community Led Local Development (CLLD)Programme approved and is planning to launch the programme shortly.

CLLD aims to provide pathways to better economic opportunities for people and businesses in the most deprived areas of Cornwall, strengthening local availability of employment, skills and training, and developing the ability of local residents to access these.

The Local Development Strategies that act as the bedrock for CLLD delivery  were developed by CAG Consultants on behalf of the Local Action Groups (LAGs) and the Cornwall Development Company, working with local stakeholders and residents. They seek to encourage new ideas – new techniques, new technologies, new knowledge, new approaches – as well as apply existing ideas in new areas.

The programme runs until 2022, and initial expressions of interest are being sought.  The first meetings of the Local Action Groups which manage each of the four CLLD areas in Cornwall have already been held but anyone interested in joining their local LAG can still do so.

In developing the CLLD Local Development Strategies  CAG undertook an extensive socio-economic research process to identify local needs and ensure that CLLD linked with existing programmes.

We worked closely with a wide range of stakeholders within the Council and throughout Cornwall, including residents in each of the areas, in order to ensure that we understood local needs and that local people were fully engaged in the programme.  In the consultation programme CAG:

  • Delivered 38 engagement events across the county, ranging from formal meetings to pop-up stalls in places where people congregate, such as shopping centres and farmers markets;
  • Ran two online surveys, one aimed at the community and one for the business sector;
  • Engaged with a wide range of over 50 strategic stakeholders in individual meetings or phone calls to identify other relevant policy and programmes
  • Established a project website, Facebook page and twitter feed. We used the social media to promote the events, and on the website developed a “social wall” containing feedback and activities at the consultation events (using the CommunityledCornwall hashtag).

More information including the programme documents can be found at

“We were very impressed by the way CAG worked collaboratively with our Local Action Groups to develop Community Led Local Development strategies and reached out to listen to views from the wider community.  CAG’s team met challenging deadlines, while using their expertise to challenge us where needed.” (David Rodda, Cornwall Development Company)


May 11, 2018