A new research report by CAG for the Scottish Government has just been published.

The research considered a wide range of tools and techniques for joined-up working in policy development and implementation. It focused on tools that would support collaboration across sectors, and specifically between climate resilience and climate policy domains.

We were able to identify nine methods or approaches to joined-up working that provide useful guidance. These methods demonstrate potentially useful ways of collaborating across sectors to develop integrated solutions to complex problems. However, they are not a quick fix. At its root, collaboration requires the appropriate personal skills to engage and establish effective working relationships with individuals from other organisations.

The research identified five critical factors in creating a culture for collaboration: 1) An active commitment to collaboration 2) Actively shaped collaboration spaces 3) Support for creativity and innovation 4) Creating an atmosphere of continuous learning 5) Knowing who to collaborate with .

We will say more about these in future posts.

Nov 13, 2019