CAG were commissioned by Devon County Council to work with social enterprises across the Heart of the South West to find out how they measure their social impact. This was a part of our evaluation of the Enhance Social Enterprise programme. We found that half of businesses within the ESE programme have measured their social impact in some way. Many of these do so using informal, often regular but quite bespoke approaches rather than using recognised methods. We produced six video case studies to show the range of social benefits social enterprises can deliver. This blog highlights two. The first is Proper Job, a community reuse and recycling project. You can find out more about their social impacts and how they are measured in this case study.

The second is the Diversity Trust, which delivers training on equality, diversity and inclusion. You can find out more about their impacts in this case study.

To find out more, you can read the report on our work, or the summary Watch this space for more case studies!

Mar 18, 2021