Our report on creating a community hydrogen heating trial was published recently by the UK Government. 

In the Government’s 10-point plan for a green industrial revolution, it announced plans to trial homes using hydrogen for heating and cooking, starting with a hydrogen neighbourhood in 2023, moving to a hydrogen village by 2025, with an aim for a hydrogen town – equivalent to tens of thousands of homes – before the end of the decade.

Replacing natural gas with hydrogen in an everyday setting – piping hydrogen to homes and businesses through the existing gas network – is a new and untested proposition. And yet piloting this proposition will also be an essential ingredient to a well-managed low carbon transition. 

Our report, Exploring the evidence on potential issues associated with trialling hydrogen heating in communities, sets out findings from a literature review and four focus groups to inform the development of work to assess issues associated with setting up a community hydrogen trial. 

The report highlighted the need to establish trust, familiarity and reassurance around hydrogen heating with communities taking part in any trial. We found that effective communication strategies will be required to create community buy-in, logistical challenges will need to be well thought-through and that incentives – whilst important – need to be tailored to community needs. Read more here.

Jan 21, 2021