We’re really pleased to see publication by Power to Change of the briefing paper ‘The Role of Community Energy in a Just Transition to Net Zero’.

The UK Climate Change Committee stresses that it will not be possible to deliver net zero by 2050 if the people of the UK are not engaged in this challenge, and that fairness and local action are essential constituents of a successful transition. Moreover, Chris Skidmore’s Net Zero Review highlighted that ‘local action is key to delivering net zero in the cheapest and most effective way possible’. 

The briefing highlights the contribution that the community energy groups can make to a just transition to net zero by putting the concerns of local people at the centre of debate; providing trusted advice to community members; and harnessing local expertise, knowledge and capital. But support is needed from governments, local authorities, electricity system operators and funders to fully realise the potential contribution from community energy.

The briefing was developed by CAG Consultants, with input from the Centre for Sustainable Energy and Community Energy England, drawing on evidence from CAG’s evaluation of the Next Generation programme for Power to Change.

Find out more by reading Will Walker’s blog for Power to Change, or by downloading the briefing paper. Please share with anyone who might be interested!

Dec 21, 2023