Adaptation Reporting Support

We can assist organisations with their climate change adaptation reporting requirements.

Navigating the complexities of climate change adaptation reporting can be challenging. We specialise in supporting organisations, both public and private, to meet the requirements of the Adaptation Reporting Power (ARP).

Established under the UK’s Climate Change Act 2008, the ARP mandates certain organisations to demonstrate their preparedness for the impacts of climate change. This initiative is key in ensuring that critical sectors, including infrastructure and public bodies, assess and plan for both the risks and opportunities presented by our changing climate.

Our expertise is in delivering tailored support to organisations reporting through the ARP, as well as Local Authorities participating in the ARP4 pilot. We provide:

  • Strategic Assessment Tools: Our tools and systems enable thorough assessments of how climate change could impact your operations.
  • Customised Reporting Solutions: We guide you in developing comprehensive reports that detail identified risks, outline ongoing mitigation strategies, and track progress relative to previous reports.
  • Expert Guidance and Support: Our team offers continuous support throughout the assessment and reporting process, ensuring your organisation advances its climate resilience strategies.

Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you in your adaptation reporting journey.