Our experienced independent facilitators help you navigate process and address contentious issues with stakeholders.

We provide independent public and stakeholder consultation services that improve engagement and save you time and money.  We can design and facilitate events ranging from one-hour meetings to full-day workshops. We also develop and deliver training on a wide range of topics, which we can bring to your premises.

We can come to your premises or organise a neutral venue. Our facilitators are all trained and highly experienced and we can provide either a single facilitator or multiple, depending on the circumstances.

We offer facilitation of:

  • Events and meetings of any size
  • Public exhibitions
  • Processes involving difficult, contentious or sensitive issues
  • One-off events or a series of sessions

Our facilitation skills can be applied across all our areas of expertise and services.

Please see our case study on Facilitation: Managing Flood Risk in the Ouse Marshes Using Sluice Gates.